I need a home,
Let me rephrase that,
I want a home,
A home built on the foundation of Love,
Supported by strong pillars of Trust,
Walls built of Confidence,
With bricks of Honesty,
I want it painted with every shade of Life,
Floors plastered, tiled and carpeted with raw Emotions,
Sheltered by a roof of Grace,
The doors have to be Strong, with secure locks of Integrity,
I would like opportunities to frequently knock on each door, visiting with its friends Blessings and Favour,
Surely, the windows have to be of clear glass,that allows rays of Hope to penetrate and bounces off Pain,
Curtains weaved from fine threads of Character,
Rooms fully furnished with chandeliers of Joy and Happiness,
Furniture polished with Innocence,
Book shelves with volumes of Soul-sustaining books assorted with books of Vulnerability,
Courage and Strength spilling out of flower vases,
Skillfully crafted pictures hanging with Beautiful Memories,
I want a home big enough to accommodate my wandering Thoughts and overloaded Heart,
With enough rooms for my Dreams , Goals and Ambitions,

Also filled with the music of Silence, that I’d occasionally dance to with my fellow Peace,
The attic, if there would be, should be filled with Souvenirs and Hidden Talents waiting to be Revealed,
Balconies exposing my Imperfections Boldly on the outside for the world to see,
Flowers rioting my compound, troubling the air with the scent of my Resilience,
The compound should be fenced with Prudence,
And the gates guarded by Truth,

All parts of this home should be held together by Tolerance, Forgiveness and Understanding of each other,
Every building process and project has an overseer,
Mine – God.
Even after knowing every nock and cranny, every crack and cobwebs, every hole and leakage, I know that He will renew His contract with Mercy,
And patiently watch over as I rebuild and renovate and even correct my Mistakes,
I want it to be a home that no one can break for it is built with Sincerity, with so much Grace and Elegance that would put a danseuse to shame,
As much as people say a home is a person, I wish we would stop making homes out of people,
Find a home in no one else but yourself,
It gives you the freedom,
Because some days you’ll need to renovate,change the furniture, repaint the walls, fill the cracks and clear the bushes,
Some days, you’ll need to demolish the whole building ,
Begin from scratch and build a new home,
And that’s your responsibility, no one else’s.

14 thoughts on “Home

  1. Way deep love. I want a home too❀


    1. Yes dear, we need to build ourselves. Thank you for reading

      Liked by 1 person

  2. such a great talent@gloria


  3. I have liked the read. May your heart be this home. And I would bribe to live in, even if for a day!


    1. Haha. Thank you for reading


  4. I hope you’ll get your home


  5. Great talent!!.


  6. Even after knowing every Nock and Cranny, every Crack and Cobweb….
    I know he will renew His mercy….

    Blessed by this.


    1. 😊😊😊😊


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